4ORE! Elite

Mission Statement

To create a world class golf training program focused on students reaching their full potential.


4ORE! Elite is a program designed for dedicated high school and junior golfers looking to pursue the game of golf collegiately or professionally.  Our goal is to maximize potential through focusing on technical, physical, and mental components of the game.  Using industry leading technology our certified instructors help students focus on technical components of the golf swing to improve efficiently and rapidly. Our TPI certified instructor's fitness and strength training program allows students to improve physically through specific programs focused on each individual. With experience in over 175 events played on the Web.com and PGA TOUR our mental training consists of on course playing lessons , Decade Strategy Statistics, and classroom exercises focusing on course management and identifying strengths and areas needing improvement.

Our Packages

Level 1: $550/month elite level ($200 yearly fee for decade strategy program)

  • Two 90 Minute Session/Week
  • Two 90 Minute Private Session/Month
  • Two Group 18-Hole Playing Lessons/Month
  • Decade Golf Stats
  • Academy Practice Privileges

Level 2: $350/month intermediate level ($200 yearly fee for decade strategy program)

  • One 90 Minute Group Session/Week
  • Two 60 Minute Private Instruction Sessions/Month
  • One 18 Hole Playing Lesson/Month
  • Decade Golf Stats
  • Academy Practice Privilges


The only requirements we have to enter the program are:

  1. He/She must be between the ages of 10-18 or still in high school. 
  2. Must commit to the volume of instruction and practice.
  3. Must agree and sign our behavior contract. View Here